british country


Yesterday, I ate an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers in one sitting.

Granted, I was sick and at work, and it was the only thing (other than buckets of peppermint tea) that I could think of letting into my system, but still. There’s something vaguely demoralizing of reaching into a brown crinkly wrapper and realizing the only thing there is a brown crinkly wrapper.

Some days are just ‘welp’ days.

They’re not even bad days; it’s not like something awful has happened or your super stressed (although the three new spots on my face would beg to differ), just that nothing goes emphatically well. You just want to shrug like that one emoji and say, well, here we are anyways.

This shoot had me daydreaming about English cottages and loafers.

I don’t know what it was about the excessive greenery + red brick + lined windows + climbing vines that made that connection in my mind, but something did and it took. It probably only helped that it was overcast when I took these? I’m not one for country living, we all know this. But that kind of atmosphere does photograph well. You can’t go wrong with loafers and a collar, can you?

Speaking of the country, I’m off to Oklahoma this weekend! Let’s hope I can kick this cold between now and then lol.

a day in waco

A week from tomorrow, I’ll be on a flight to New York city. I’m so terribly excited, but it’s starting to sink in that I’ll be leaving Texas. Queue this trip (literal and figurative) down memory lane: back to Waco, Baylor, Magnolia, Cameron Park. I decided to bring my camera along, to document some of the mems, so I hope you guys enjoy!!


I have a bit more video content planned for the next couple of weeks, so I hope y’all are on board!! Let me know what you think!

a borrowed sundress

a borrowed sundress


At some point, I’ll have Amber herself on the blog, but for now I’ll just steal her clothes. When I think of my friend Amber, I think of bright colors. Probably because her dorm room was always this swirl of magentas, teals, yellows, and the like, but also because she’s a bright and colorful human.

This dress I’m wearing in this post, is one that I think is so so pretty—but it’s not my style. Like at all. I generally don’t go for patterns, and if I do, they’re of the one-color-on-black variety. But this is very much an Amber dress; I love it. Peppy and confident and makes-you-want to twirl.

This jacket has been on rotation since I got it, too, and this one really is mine. I guess it’s technically a shirt, but it zips in the front, so you can’t imagine that I’ll wear it as anything other than a layer over something else. The sleeves are a little short (because of course they are), but I like cuffed denim anyway, so it works out well. White sneakers and mid-wash denim are pretty much my calling card these days, so it’s fun to mix it up with a sundress (since I literally only own one, and I already featured it here, back in February or something), especially one that isn’t mine. So shoutout to friends who brighten your life and let you raid their closets ♥




If I were to make a list of some of my favorite elements, it would go something like this: high-waisted, fitted but not snug, just-past-the-knee length, jewel neckline, thick belt, navy. Throw emerald and short-sleeved into the mix and this dress is exactly what you get. I feel like it’s a gentle compliment of a dress—it’s not a showstopping look for sure, but I love how it fits and feels.

And it might not seem like a big deal, but I’m wearing wedges in this post. If you’re bored, flip back a couple of pages through the blog: I rarely ever wear wedges that are more than an inch tall (and that’s even generous, I’m trying to think of a single instance where I’ve worn them and am coming up blank, but I’m erring on the side of caution and saying there’s a time I can’t remember). We all know I have no problem with heels; I wear them 2-3 times a week. It’s just something about wedges gets to me. I’m not a short human (5’8″), and so I have proportionate feet. Wedges make me feel like I’m lumbering. Pointy-toed heels are delicate, feminine. Wedges echo loudly on wooden floors, and when I walk in them, it’s like a little voice in my head is chanting fee fi fo fum. Now, it’s just that: in my head.

Wedges are no less or more flattering than regular heels, and I’m not any more or less graceful in other shoes. And some of the most graceful people I know are on the taller end of the spectrum (@Caroline @Bekah), so we know this is a me-thing. Wedges just happen to be the thing that make me feel heavy, like I’m clomping instead of walking. In this dress, I didn’t care. They matched the dress, the rest of the look said ‘these are my favorite things, and they’re not for you’, and so wearing the wedges was a no-brainer. I’m 6’1″ in them, and I didn’t feel like I was stomping around on stilts, I felt like my tall friends.

I think a lot of times I get caught up in making an impression. Trying to tell people something about who I am by how I look. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you have to be your own audience. It’s important to be quietly confident, just for you, regardless of who’s drawing a life-lesson from you. To be comfortable with yourself when you’re not performing, and being okay with your resting self. And a perfect color-block dress can be just the trick to remind you of that.




I’ve always wanted to be someone who had a floppy hat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a baseball-cap girl through and through—some habits, even tennis habits, die hard—but there’s just something about a floppy hat. It’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte or Ascot Gavotte, and I never had occasion for one.

Then I just bought one.

I’ve worn it poolside. I’ve worn it to a bridal shower (Derby themed, no less). I even wore it antiquing.

So consider this your mid-week reminder: you’re already a floppy hat person.