nye glitter

Because after the first Monday back to work/school, I’m taking every excuse for festivity. Ergo this post: my New Years Eve outfit!NYE5 NYE2NYE3NYE1NYE6NYE4This was actually a bit of a struggle for me this year. I’m not a big glitter person—I wish I were, but I just can’t make it work. I think it’s because my hair’s too much, and it’s just a competition that ends with tangles and sequins everywhere…anyways, this was such a happy compromise! I actually stole this blouse from a friend’s closet, but in the years that I’ve had it, I’ve worn in maybe three times. And once was to a 70s costume party.

A simple chiffon blouse, now that’s much more my speed. And I think that’s why it worked so well for a NYE outfit—because isn’t that what the New Year is about? Taking a bit of the old and comfortable, and blending it with something different and new. At least, it sounds like a pretty good resolution to me!

Continuing on with that allegory, the shoes are perfect: a little more fun than practical, but worth it for the night. And I adore this pleated and pocketed (squee) skirt. It’s just the right length (ie long enough to wear around grandma but short enough to not be mistaken for her) and the pleats are a nice touch. Or maybe I truly haven’t outgrown my uniform phase. Hey, it’s hard to kick a habit that’s 12 years in the making.

I hope y’all had a fun and safe New Years Eve, with some sparkles, some resolutions, and lots of mems to get you through this week!


{ Blouse: Ali & Kris, similar || Skirt: Gap, similar || Heels: similar || Tassle: Homemade, tutorial }

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