styling baseball caps

We’ve all had that day: when you wake up 10 minutes before you have to be out the door, and you know you won’t have a break till 13 hours later. Maybe you can brush on a coat of mascara, maybe you’ll be able to fish some tinted chapstick out of your bag, but you definitely can’t do anything about the craziness that is your hair.

Or maybe you haven’t had that morning, and I’m just especially lucky…

Regardless, today I’m sharing my quick fix to unfixable hair: baseball caps! They’re not just for the Fourth of July, you know. So here are my top three ways to get the most wear out of your hats.

No. 1: The “I Work Out”

Cap 1, The I work Out

The theory behind this one is to make everyone else think “Oh of course she looks rushed; she just worked out. Man, she is so on top of things.” It’s a bit of a ruse, sure, but it does the trick. When you’re running (lol, puns) late, throw a vest over a casual tshirt, slip into leggings and a pair of sneakers (bonus points if your tennies match your vest/tee combo), and you’re out the door, the picture of athleticism. Perfect for the days when you’ll be on your feet for hours, feel like conforming to the image of Southern Sorority girls, or maybe, who knows, the day when you’ll make us posers proud by squeezing in a run after everything else.

No. 2: The Vail Lodger 

Cap 2, The Vail

You know those people that spend winters skiing? Those snow bunnies who somehow have everything together and spend their winter holiday working out, for fun? I’m not one of those people (yeah, you can find me with a mug of hot chocolate and an open book enjoying the onslaught of ice and snow from inside of the lodge), but this look helps me pass for one. For this look, we’ll layer a patterned oxford under a huge knit sweater, then add jeans and snow boots. The sunglasses and hat are to protect your eyes and face from the harsh wind and snow, and definitely definitely not to hide dark circles or messy hair. Duh.

No. 3: The Prepping Hard

Cap 3, The Prepping Hard

There’s something special to be said for this one. I think I love it because it’s one of those outfits that makes me feel put together and confident, and that’s so important for the mornings when you’re frazzled. Because sometimes, if you look the part, you start to feel it, too. A striped dress, a vest, brown riding boots, a sharp (and clean!) baseball cap and voila. Did you sleep in, or step out of a Vineyard Vines catalog? The world may never know.

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