dichotomy coffee & spirits

Dichotomy Coffee Waco, TX

Dichotomy Vanilla Latte

Dichotomy Coffee to Go

This place.

I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying that this is the place that convinced me to like Waco.

It’s on Austin Avenue, which is the heart of downtown Waco: a collection of antique shops, unique eateries, a century-old theater (which I’ll probs make a post on later), some food trucks and Dichotomy.  It’s hard to describe the ambiance of Dichotomy, but if I had to, I’d go with a grand-central-station-meets-bearded-baristas-in-flannels-meets-retro-but-in-no-way-antequated-vibe. Not that that cleared it up for anyone.

Black and white tiles, stainless steel fixtures, art deco lettering and menu (think: Gatsby-esque font), deep wood furniture. The clientele isn’t exclusively students, a fact which is far from accidental, but the feeling of the place is one of cultivated ease.

If you’re on your way through Waco, you need to make a stop for a mocha or a chai (my personal favorite). You will be so glad you did; this place is worth the 90 minute/two hour drive from Dallas/Austin (respectively), if you’re feeling up for a daytrip. Just saying.

I remember climbing the reclaimed wood staircase to the balcony on my first trip, almost two years ago, balancing my vanilla latte precariously on its saucer. As I sat down, I realized why I loved this place so. It transported me. I felt like I was in a city. I could’ve been in downtown Austin, or Los Angeles, or any other city.  It could’ve been a rooftop anywhere, looking over any capital building, with any city’s name painted in a sprawling mural. But I was in Waco.

And that was the moment when I realized I was grateful for the fact. I could truly begin to appreciate what was around me, could see it as if for the first time. It was a truly transforming moment, and of course it had to start with coffee.

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