day in the library

reading in the libred heels, checkered shirt, colorblocked cardigancardigan, red pumps, checkscheckered shirt, colorblocked cardigancolorblocked cardigan, checkered shirtcheckered shirt, cardiganred pumps, checkers, cardiganred pumps, cardigan, checkersred pumps

Baylor has five different libraries on its campus–so cool!–and this section is one of my favorites. It’s one of my favorite places on campus to go when I have a little bit of time to spend. Who knew there were so many books written before the 21st century on the power of the press? Or filled with French sonnets? I’ve spent hours here without realizing it.

And this outfit is basically my go-to, but with a twist: a collared shirt under a cardigan, rolled sleeves and cuffed jeans; it’s pretty much my uniform in the winter season. But then I had this fantastic pair of red pumps that I don’t wear half as often as I should, so I decided to break those out for the day (after my third class I was regretting that life choice, but what can you do). As for why I own a pair of red pumps…that’s a pretty solid question and I can’t say I have the answer to it. I wish they’d been the perfect match for a tweed interview skirt or something, but I think they really just were an impulse buy. Sometimes, you’ve just got to embrace that.

Hope everyone is staying warm/dry in this crazy weather, and making the most out of this lovely 4 day work week!

{ Sweater: similar || Shirt: Old Navy, similar || Pumps: Nine West, similar || Jeans: Old Navy, similar }

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