atypical winters day

aka the freezing and blustery day that the wind made it impossible to take any sort of flattering picture.

After I make 21 years without so much as spraining a wrist or twisting an ankle, I break two toes in the span of four months. So it goes.

At least the first time, it was a legitimate excuse: I dropped a 25 lb circle weight on my big toe. Granted, it was for Beginning Weightlifting at 6:55 in the morning (there’s your first warning sign; who in their right mind signs up for a 7am class??) , but I was mollified that it was for a good cause. This time, I tripped over a table and now my entire foot is a swollen purple mess.

Fun fact about broken toes, you can’t do anything for them. If you really must, you can tape them to another toe, but unless you’ve shattered the rest of your foot, it’s a grit-and-bear-it kind of scenario. Once the doctor told me that, three months ago, I went home, iced it, and wore heels the next day.

As I will tonight; I have a career dinner for my major. But for now, I’m wearing my white sneakers, and can’t be bothered by that. You’ll see a lot of posts these days about winter whites, but I’ve yet to see everyone’s Keds making a reemergence before March. Which is a shame, really, because I live in the things from spring until probably October.

So all of that to say, today we’re going for ingenuity. Something fun, atypical of winter, and kind to black and blue toes. And of course, I’m always a sucker for a good camel coat. The shirt is the first J. Crew piece I owned–that’s my subtle way of saying it’s not in the Spring catalogue–and it’s pretty special to me. The font says Rêve, which is derived from the French rêver, “to dream”, which comes from Middle French resver, “to be lost in vague thoughts” and Old French resver “to consider, reflect” (be proud of me, I don’t speak much French). I don’t much go for graphic/writing on clothes, but this one is the exception.

For me, the dream that it invokes is the one it did when I first bought it: the dream of going abroad. I know, people buy Breton stripes for all reasons–to channel Picasso or Bardot, to feel chic, and so on–but for me, I bought it to feel like the traveler I will one day be. A tad escapist, maybe even expatriate, but it’s a dream just as good as the next one. And it’s something to get you through the work/school week.

So have a happy week, everyone!! And no one else break anything; it’s not that fun. But maybe do pull out your white sneakers…

{ Shirt: J Crew || Leggings: Forever 21 || Coat: Calvin Klein || Shoes: Keds }

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