soda jerk pink 

pink cashmere cardiganpink cashmere and stripespink cashmere and shortscashmere and stripesRL polo, cashmere, and pearlsRL polo and pink cashmerecashmere, stripes, and shortsBecause nothing brightens your Monday (I know, it’s Tuesday, but it was so sunny and gorgeous outside yesterday that I had to grab a friend and run outside to get a few shots in) quite like dressing like you serve root beer floats at an ice cream parlor in the 20s.

Actually, this look is a bit of a triumph for me. Halfway through my first class yesterday morning, I realized: it’s my first collared cashmere look on Collared Cashmere! I’m pretty okay with that.

The cardigan was my mother’s; she wore it when she was in college. She probably would’ve kept wearing it as the circle continued and my children went off to college, but as it was, she got tired of my asking to borrow it, and I brought it to Texas with me. Consequently, I went straight to Talbots to buy a blouse in the same shade, as well as a coordinating pair of flats. Mercifully, I haven’t worn all three together in a while–the effect is comparable to a flight attendant dipped in bubble gum. But I digress.

Sometime my junior year, a friend burst into my dorm room, went straight to my closet, and ignored me until she yelled a triumphant “27!”, before turning and leaving just as quickly. She and a few other girls had fallen onto the topic of the frequency at which I wear collared shirts, and the (apparently) natural resolution was that someone come inventory my closet. Now, not every one of those 27 was a Ralph Lauren polo (I can only dream) but my favorite four are.

And I know I’m far from the first girl to write a post lauding the virtues of a RL polo, but honestly, what’s not to love? Classic and structured, quality and feel, this is a piece you’ll buy in every color you can manage. Wear to work with a woolen pencil skirt, to an interview under a fitted blazer, on casual days with cuffed jeans and white sneakers (my late spring/early summer uniform), or to class with a cardigan and loafers.

Just think of me when you pull on collars and cashmere.

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