lula jane’s 

Facts that are true: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Brunch is the best derivative of breakfast. Coffee has a place in both, and pumpkin bread has a place everywhere. Friends are the strongest incentive to wake up earlier than absolutely necessary, and most friends would agree that the prospect of early rising is made more alluring by the promise of baked oatmeal, settled in a steaming pool of whipped cream, brown sugar, milk and butter.

And, scientific and proven as these facts are (they’re not), they are exemplified at Lula Jane’s. The bakery/communal gathering spot offers free wifi (music to my collegiate ears), coffee starting at $0.50 (nothing less than symphonic to these same ears), and then the best baked goods and quiche in Waco. Each day, they have a different made-from-scratch specialties, and the open kitchen lets you see right in. Everything is all-natural, environment-conscious, and absolutely delicious.

Any given morning, you’ll find an eclectic mix here: people catching up, enjoying a breakfast pie, studying hard, sitting and contemplating. Lula Jane’s holds that they’re all about “bringing good people together around good food”, and they do just that every morning. Here is a unique, organic community. There’s the distinct feel or realism, of honesty, and of genuine care, and that’s what I love about this place most.

I love breakfast, everyone knows that. But more than that, I love the people you sit across from, the way the morning smells before too many people have breathed it in and out, and the still-sleepy smiles that say ‘you’re worth it’. That’s the kind of atmosphere that Lula Jane’s cultivates, and you really can’t say much more about a place than that.


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