coffee colors

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I love a good neutral, and I really really love a bunch of them, on top of each other.

I actually woke up way late this morning (i.e. 28 minutes before I was supposed to be sitting in Foundations of Database) and this look was literally the result of checking my weather app halfway out the door, and realizing I’d need a sweater. Two hours later, when I stopped for breath, I realized how much I liked the warm colors together.

It didn’t hurt that today was absolutely gorgeous.

So, my friend lent me her sunglasses (makeup was a step I skipped this morning lol) (also, shoutout to friendship) (#thanksCaroline), and good-naturedly agreed to take pictures of me against the first not-brick wall we could find. Of course, my caffeine fix was glued to my hand, but I can’t bring myself to apologize for that. The fact that it was my third of the day, now maybe that’s something I should’ve thought more than once about…

I can’t believe I have’t officially posted about Common Grounds–I don’t know what I’m waiting for, but I’d imagine it’s an epiphany? This place is how I get through my week. I have a mug on the wall and have yet to order a drink I’m not obsessed with. 10/10 would recommend.

I hope everyone else had a chance to enjoy the sunshine today–although if you didn’t, you probably made the right choice by studying. We’re halfway through the first round of exams, y’all! The question is, can I use that as justification for my caffeine intake?

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