sweaters & silk ties

oversized sweater and oxfordsoversized cardigansilk tie and cardiganmaroon oxfordsmaroon shorts and oxfords oversized cardigancardigan and silk tie and maroon shortsoversized cardigan and oxfords

First things first, I hope I’m not the only one who’s absolutely loving the crazy weather that Texas is treating us with. It was actually in the 80s today, so while the calendar says winter, everything else was saying “So where’s the closest beach?”. Which is great in theory, but I still had class, sunshine or no, so the tanning will have to wait.

Second things second (is that a thing?) thanks to all of my friends who said nice things, supported me as I started an Insta for this blog, or generally just reached out in curiosity. Y’all are the best, and I really really appreciate it.

Alright then, housekeeping aside, today’s outfit! Clearly the sweater, although it is one of my favorites, proved to be a massive oversight, so we found a pew and some old brick inside a foyer (i.e. air conditioning) and tried to pretend the lighting wasn’t inopportune. I think we did okay!

My favorite things about this/the reason we decided to brave the lighting situation: the silk scarf/tie situation happening. If you’re someone that stays away from scarves—maybe being mistaken for a prep or a flight attendant isn’t your cup of tea—then I’d still say you should try this out. I’d never worn a scarf like this before, but I loved the effect! With the oversized cardigan, I felt a bit like Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally—which I’m totally okay with. And then the maroon oxfords were so fun too! I picked them up at a post-Christmas sale, and this was my first time wearing them! I like how subtle the heel was; it gave me two inches without looking like it did at all. Always a win, in my book.

Speaking of which, in case anyone is curious, the book I’m reading is called The Grandees, by Stephen Birmingham. It’s so good, so if you have any free time this weekend (guess what I’m doing for Valentines day) you should pick up a copy! It’s basically a short (and a bit dramatized) history of the Sephardic Jews—a culture of self-invented opulence and elitism, set nowhere other than NYC. If I try to go any more into detail, I know I’ll sound like a book cover, so I’ll stop. But you should check it out.

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