black and white and twirls

black midi and white lace blousewhite lace blouse and midi skirt

white lace blouse and black midi skirtwhite lace and neutralswhite lace, neutrals, black midimidi skirt and lace

midi twirl skirt and laced skirt

The twirling pictures turned out so well that I didn’t even mind all the judgmental looks I got from joggers and business students.

I don’t wear this skirt half as often as I ought to. It’s the most comfortable, and I’ve had it for forever. The best part: I can sit however I want. When I was in high school, my friend Ariana and I would joke that we wore our uniform skirts so long that we could sit however we wanted–knees crossed, Johnny-Appleseed-style (that’s what I call it; is that even right?) or even with our legs just up over desks–and that’s what this skirt reminds me of. I don’t have to worry that maybe it’s riding up, and it’s pretty much the most liberating thing ever.

And, for the sake of parallelism, I do wear these sandals half as often as I ought to. They dress up anything, are the perfect height Β where I don’t tower (well, too noticeably) over my classmates, and they’re pretty much the perfect neutral. I practically lived in them last summer, and was more than happy to dust them off for this 68 degree day. At this point, the soles might be wearing out a little bit, but I’m denying that reality.

Okay, honesty hour, this week is crazy stressful for everyone. Tests, projects, and if you’re at Baylor, it’s SING, plus it’s basket week for KXA, so all of the things are happening. There were about 746 more important things that I could’ve been doing than spinning in circles outside of the business school. But I made myself close my laptop, went and grabbed some coffee (because it’s me, what else am I going to do), and then laughed in the sunshine. I have a Systems Security test on Thursday, but I think I’ll be okay. Sunshine and coffee and friends that make you laugh are important, maybe even more so than some tests. Remember that, fam.

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