rainy day musings

rainy day

I woke up and it was drizzling; my inner anglophile got excited. I put on my rain boots, a striped dress, and convinced a friend that the best way she could spend her afternoon would be snapping umbrella-and-bright-boots-in-the-rain pictures. Then I stepped out the front door and it was freezing cold, so we retracted that idea.

Doing so was no small disappointment, at least on my part. My dress today is one of my favorites, and overcast weather is always nice for a photographer, and I think there’s always something to be said for dressing up on the days when everyone expects you to be bundled. I was excited to share all of that, but the weather changed it.

But I am nothing if not a true Romantic, so the rain will always mean books and a mug of something warm. It’s only natural for introspection to follow.

So what’s my point?

There are days when you have to smile at the rain. Bear with me, but I’m not talking about those days and times when everything is awful, I’m talking about the everydays. See, nothing was particularly awful or wonderfully spectacular about today. Classes were hard, but no more so than usual; it was cold, but I’ve been in much cooler. Friends are wonderful and kind, and it’s always nice to see a smiling face over lunch.

So there was this moment when, as soon as I opened my door, I had a choice. Scowl at the gray skies, wish for blue ones, or just deal.

You may have heard the quote “Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn”; I painted that on a canvas and hung it in my dorm room for the better part of three years. It’s true though! On days like today, the only thing that changes what kind of day it is, is your mentality. Is freezing rain ideal? Lol. That’s a hard no for me. But will it ruin my day? Only if I let it.

I’m not saying there aren’t hard days, because there definitely are. And I’m far from saying that when they come, I want everyone to skip around grinning and “creating their own sunshine”. Sometimes life is hard and dealing with it isn’t easy. But sometimes life isn’t hard, just waiting for a filter. It’s up to you—rose-tinted sunglasses or gray?

Today, not taking pictures meant catching up on a User Interface project due tomorrow. It meant a vanilla latte and a quick flip-through of a pretty Lilly book. It meant slowing down, which is something I can never remember to do on my own. So we’ll call it a win.

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