sweaters on sweaters

cardigan wool riding bootsriding boots, navy cardigan, wool sweaterriding boots, wool sweater, navy and white cardigannavy and white detailswool sweater, oversized cardigan, riding bootswool sweater, riding boots, oversized navy cardiganwool sweater and navy cardiganwool sweater, navy cardigan, riding bootsoversized cardigan, wool sweater, riding bootsnavy oversized cardigan, wool sweater, riding bootsI went to a basketball game the other night; it was a ‘white-out’ game. Which is great, go Baylor, but I don’t own any casual white. I pulled on an oxford, and one of my friends recognized me from two sections back. “No one else would wear that to a basketball game; I recognized that before your hair.”

Which is a feat, in and of itself.

There is a correlation between the backstory and today’s post, I promise. I posted a similar outfit a month ago, but I didn’t realize it until after I was ready to post this one because 1) my trip to Bishop Arts District was back in early December and 2) this week, well, this month really, has been crazy 3) tbh I wear a variation of this outfit most days in the winter. Texas has pretty mild winters, which is a mercy, and this is the outfit I pull on when I’m still half asleep. Wool sweater, dark jeans, riding boots, collared shirt, and then either a regular jacket or a huge cardigan. I’m all about that oversized-cardigan life.

Anyone else have a uniform? A silhouette or fabric that’s just so you that a friend would pick it out from the back of the stadium? Maybe they recognize that I-don’t-have-time-for-this-life bun you’re rocking, or the sound of heeled boots in the business school. Either way, it’s nice to know you have something that translates your personality onto your exterior. Have a lovely weekend!

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