not paris

camel pencil skirt, stripes, oxford blousewhite oxford blouse, stripes, camel skirtstripes camel white oxfordcamel skirt, stripes, oxford blousestriped shirt, camel pencil skirt, black bootiesstripes, camel skirt, bootiescamel skirt, black booties, stripesblack booties, stripes, camel skirtcamel skirt, stripes

Every now and then, I get nostalgic for places I’ve never been. It’s the strangest sensation, and it’s not quite wanderlust, it’s just knowing that I have to see these places. I find myself wishing for cobbled streets in Barcelona, sapphire roofs in Santorini, ivory townhouses in London.

As with anything else, it passes, and usually with a (un)healthy does of vicarious living through Pinterest and other people’s travel vlogs. Tracing other people’s steps through great cities and sprawling vineyards, over oceans and inside bookstores.

Someday, that’ll be me.

One of these days, I’ll make it to all those places I’m dying to visit. But for now, I’m here. Waco, Texas of all places. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I fall really easily into “someday”.  It’s so easy! To think of what will be, and burn through today. That’s not a way to live. Yesterday was leap day, an extra day. We all got excited, said “make it count”. But isn’t every day an extra day?

We’re not promised tomorrow; oughtn’t we live each day like it’s an extra? See each morning as a gift, see each alarm as an (albeit screeching) reminder that we woke up? I’m trying not to go too philosophical, really I am, but y’all, we should live our somedays today. Wear stripes and neutrals like a good Parisian, treat yourself to some froyo, live today. Somedays will come. But between now and then, embrace each day like the extra that it is.

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