denim for brunch

wedges, navy cardigan, cream knitscardigan, jean shorts and sweatersweater, cardigan, jean shortsknits, cardigan, jean shortsnavy cardigan, shorts, wedgesjean shorts, sweater and cardiganjean shorts, cardigan, and sweatersweater, jean shorts, and cardiganIt seems almost everyone is posting about how they’re ready for spring. Floral patterns to match beautiful blooms, shorter hemlines, trading in our chai tea lattes for iced coffee (unless you’re manic like me, and take your vanilla iced coffee even as your lips and fingernails turn blue…), and actually enjoying the passing periods between classes. Trust me, y’all, I’m there too. I’m just not quite ready to give up my bulky sweaters yet.

Which lands us with this (somewhat confused?) brunch look. Because when your second class of the day is cancelled, you text everyone you know to see who wants to go eat breakfast with you. Which is a harder feat than you’d think, because we’re drowning in midterms. But Kenzie found the time and, as always, she’s my hero.

I don’t wear denim shorts much, largely because I bought them for the beach when my summers were in California, and they feel too casual to wear anywhere that doesn’t include sand. I’m embarrassed to say it, but if I’m wearing them nowadays, it’s under a sorority shirt so you can just see the tips (oh my gosh when did I become Texan); it’s a look that’s much more comfort than couture (lol like anything I wear be classified as ‘couture’), and it’s usually when I get those “Chris, you must be so tired! Is it test week?” comments. Ergo, retiring my jean shorts to minimal use, and a bottom drawer in the dresser.

But today I’m caught up, at least partially, in the it’s-a-new-month-Spring-is-so-close mentality, and I brought them out. I tried dressing them up with my favorite favorite favorite sandals, and some (yay!) nice knits. Like I’ve said a million and ten times, layers are my favorite. Knits/textures are a close second, I think. Today’s look felt exactly how I feel–ready for spring, but still holding on to winter. Chai tea lattes are good things, people. Don’t throw them away too quickly.
P.S. I swear I actually wear my hair down somedays, since apparently I only post with it up. Sic em midterms. 

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