sunny days and hearts

keds, eyelet skirt and green blouseeyelet skirt, white keds, green blousewhite eyelet skirt and green blousegren blouse, eyelet skirt and kedsgreen blouse and white eyelet skirtwhite eyelet skirt, green blouse and kedseyelet skirt and emerald blouseToday I woke up to thunder shaking the windows of my apartment. To be fair, the walls and glass are astonishingly (seriously, it’s remarkable) thin/not-sound-proof. But when afforded the opportunity to open with melodrama, it’s hard to avoid.

Nonetheless, it made me miss last week’s warm temperatures and photogenic sunshine. Case in point, Friday’s shot was in this pretty garden on Baylor’s campus; peach tea and lovely company made for a bunch of easy laughs.

It’s International Women’s Day, and I can’t help but feel that I ought to post something accordingly. Something inspirational, or empowering, or just encouraging. Maybe it’s the rain—as I’ve said before, it prompts introspection like little else can—but all I can do is reflect in gratitude. I have some of the most amazing women in my life. Kind, intelligent, God-seeking, strong beautiful, accomplished, capable, incredible and fabulous women. They teach me so much more than they’ll ever know, and I’m beyond grateful for their presence in my life.

I hope as you read this, that some faces flashed through your mind. I hope you know that you’re in others’ minds today.

Here I am, in the most Austenian manner I can muster, watching rain fall and thinking of the sunshine amazing women have cast over my heart. I hope you all have a similar moment, and can overlook the overcast weather.

p.s. I couldn’t possibly list all the women I admire, but here’s a shout out to Ariana, Rachel, Meredith, Caroline, Kenzie and Teddi who’re the most likely to read this post before International Women’s Day is over. I’m super appreciative of y’all!!

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