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When I moved to Waco, I remember being determined to remain indifferent towards it. I told myself that I would not be that Baylor girl who was obsessed with Chip and Joanna Gaines, who couldn’t imagine herself anywhere other than “The Wack”, hiked Cameron Park on the weekend, and called Texas her home away from home. Which worked out exactly none, because I’m guilty of all of the above. At least I never bought a hammock?

But these past few years have really stretched me. I have grown to love Waco, and I love a lot about it. Which is crazy to me, because I am such a city girl. But I’d be lying if I said that Waco didn’t hold a very near and dear place to my heart. So, here’s your typical Baylor girl post #sorrynotsorry. (I apologize for hash-tagging; it couldn’t be stopped).

There’s so much to love about this little town, and there’s more than the ones aired on HGTV. There’s the way the entire 254 rallies for a football game, or welcomes Baylor students back in the fall for the new school year. The way kids ride bikes and couples walk their dogs in Cameron park, like it boasts the most idyllic trails in the country. The way small mom-and-pop restaurants have a fighting chance against the bigger chains that make their way here from Austin and Dallas. The way that the city constantly fights against the national stereotype and continues to slowly and steadily develop and strong and grounded culture.

I’m so proud of this city. If you come, promise me you’ll look farther than the Silos (although definitely go check out Magnolia!), and Baylor’s campus. It’s worth a lot more than that.

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