cafe cappuccino

coffee and pancake heartchai tea lattepancakesvanilla almond and mint chocolate latteI was going to start this one out with “Brunch is my love language” but then I realized that I’ve said before that stripes, Panera baguettes, and layering are my love language (for the record, I stand by all of that) and I don’t know if I want to undermine my deep-rooted obsession with any of those by diluting the love-language-field. If I were to make a definitive ranking, though, it would probably go bread, stripes, brunch, layering.  Macarons and broadway would be on there somewhere too…

Since I go to church on Saturday, my love of brunch is accommodated on Sunday mornings. There’s nothing like sleeping in, taking the time to leisurely dress yourself up, and then the first order of business is food and friends. Ideally, specialty coffee, too. That’s probably why I love it so much: the social aspect. Crepes or eggs benedict are just fine on their own, but when enjoyed over laughter and friendship, there’s nothing to be improved on.

Café Cappuccino is my go-to brunch place in Waco. My first time was actually my junior year of high school; my dad and I stopped by the local eatery before we toured Baylor. I remember dutifully ordering just one pancake, at the recommendation of my waiter, then being amazed when the single pancake was larger than my face. And it was so. Good. Almost six (yikes!) years later, I’m still impressed by their fantastic pancakes. And then there’s the extensive list of lattes and, of course, cappuccinos. I have yet to try a drink that I don’t like, but my favorites are the chai tea latte (of course it is; I always say you can judge a place by their CTL) and the vanilla almond cappacinno.

These pictures are actually from my personal Instagram feed, which felt like a bit of a cheat at first, but then I rethought it. If I love this place so much that it frequents by instagram; it’s got to be worth sharing. I truly have so many memories at Café Capp, and it makes me smile just to think over them. It might not be the most avant-garde example of interior design, but it is a place where good food and conversation abound, and that’s worth more than any ivory spread, in my opinion.

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