st. patrick’s day green


beige dress, dogwooddogwood and beigebeige dress, keds, dogwood, green pendantbeige dress kedsdogwood, keds, green pendant, beige dressdogwood, beige dress, green pendantkeds, green pendant, beige dressI go to Baylor, right, and our colors are green and gold. So tell me why, the night before St. Patrick’s day, I realized that I own a single green blouse, and that I wore it last week.

For the record, I’m usually not vain about stuff like that, but it’s a blog post day and I just posted the green shirt (I know, I know, poor planning on my part), so clearly the natural course of action is to run out and buy a pair of earrings (I don’t have pierced ears?) and an ugly necklace on a pretty chain, and try to make it work. I think I did alright with this pendant.

I don’t much go for colors other than neutrals, so the beige dress and pinstriped oxford were much less of a struggle Β to put together. And, guys, the skies literally parted for our shoot! It’s been threatening to thunderstorm all day (sic em 90% humidity) but for the twenty minutes that we were taking pictures, the sun came out. Now, you can’t tell at all, but it was still a lovely moment.

This dress is one of my favorites, with its classic silhouette and simple coloring. And, confession, I switched out the laces on some old keds to update my kicks. The two worked nicely, I think, with my more casual shoes dressing down a very professional-type dress. And any chance I have to sneak stripes into an outfit, you know I’m going to take it.

Be safe tonight, fam; enjoy the holiday and the festivities but also #MakeGoodChoices. And do try your level best to not wake up tomorrow with everything (anything) stained green.


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