chocolate secrets

Chocolate Secrets doorChocolate Secrets macarons chocolate strawberryChocolate Secrets menuChocolate Secrets macarons espresso chocolate strawberryChocolate Secrets macaronsChocolate Secrets trufflesChocolate Secrets chocolate strawberry espresso macaronsChocolate Secrets street

Fun fact: if it’s after 6 pm on a Sunday in Dallas—as it was this past weekend, when a friend and I realized we had yet to celebrate National Macaron Day—there are virtually no bakeries still open for business. Fortunately for us, and Dallasians (Dallasites? Dallasphiles? Texans?) and macaron-lovers everywhere, Chocolate Secrets keeps it’s doors open until 7pm.

To be perfectly honest, under most circumstances, Chocolate Secrets probably wouldn’t have been our first choice. It was a bit out of our way (we were visiting SMU for a friend’s senior recital—which, incidentally, she rocked) and their tagline “the food & nectar of the gods and pampered mortals” isn’t one that would usually tempt us. Despite its being engraved to the right of the store’s entrance. But the (otherwise) charming curb appeal, along with the promise of macarons, had us pushing back the double doors.

A happier choice has ne’er been made at 6:37 on a Sunday afternoon.

Alright, so maybe one has, but it certainly didn’t seem so when we stepped inside. Counters of beautifully hand-painted chocolate greeted us; cases of delicate truffles and gorgeous bon bons competed for attention beneath an intricate chalkboard menu. As if that weren’t enough to fulfill our expectations from the ostentatious slogan, there was a selection of ice creams and sorbets, wines, espresso and coffees. And then there were their made-in-house macarons.

If memory serves correctly, the selection on hand was lemon verbena, strawberry, espresso, mojito, and chocolate, of which I chose a chocolate, strawberry and (you guessed it) an espresso. Absolutely delicious. My happy place just might be a chocolatier on Oak Lawn Street, Dallas. They were that good.

I’m hardly the authority on ambiance, but it really was a charming place. It felt very mature (wine bottles lining a wall as they would in an Italian restaurant will really do that to a place), very elegant, very inviting. Perfect for catching up over some truffles or a sorbet, or enjoying an affogato and a classic novel. Maybe not the place to take your 3rd grade niece, but exactly the place you’d escape to…well, to escape.

I’d rather not disclose how long I spent trying to work out a pun to conclude with, something to the effect of the best kept {chocolate} secret in Dallas. Har har har.  Now, though I cringed even as I typed that out,  I continued to type; I can’t bring myself to regret puns, but I am self-aware enough to admit their inadequacy. Which gets me back to where I started: no moving conclusion, and studying still to do for a SQL quiz. The creative flow is (clearly) ebbing fast, and now I’m rambling, so concluding thought? Go to Chocolate Secrets. Indulge in some confections, macarons, or coffee. Ignore the sorority girls in the corner trying to stage the perfect Instagram (@me), or smile and join in the struggle. Chat with the friendly man who serves you macarons. Or just escape.



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