red lip mentality 


When you don’t like the look of a page of plain text, and make a friend take a picture of you planning your next posts…

No outfit pictures today, just some musings.

I don’t think of myself as being one to put on red lipstick for a nothing-exciting sort of day. But it’s the last day before Easter Break and everyone is walking around the business school like it’s the last place they want to be (probably because it is), and I had to do something.

So why no pictures? Lol. It’s been a rough week and I look it. So today’s ootd is a simple sweater, some jeans, keds (do I only wear keds now?) (yes, yes I do) and a topknot. Some red lipstick to hypothetically distract from the bags under my eyes.

Yet despite how not-on-top-of-it I felt today, it’s crazy how many people told me I looked “so put together” today, which I don’t share to pat myself on the back, but to prove a point. I wear the sweater/cuffed jeans/keds look a lot, literally all the time, and no one bats an eyelid. But today, everyone noticed. Because of the lipstick.

I thought about doing a how-to post but everyone knows the drill: moisturize (Burt’s Bees lip balm for the win!), line with a slightly darker shade,  fill and blot, repeat, and pull your finger through closed lips to remove excess. You know to dress down your eyes–which is fortunate for me, because I’ve never successfully applied eye shadow in my life– and keep the lip color brighter for day and darker for night, but always matching your skin tone. Like I said, nothing new.

What is new, at least for me, is a swipe of lipstick to dress up the neutrals of the rest of my outfit. I usually save reds for LBDs or equally ostentatious occasions. But today was the exception, and I’m glad it was. It brightened my day, this morning, a quick smile in the mirror boosted my confidence. And I think that smile stuck. A good lipstick is like a good heel: you walk differently, carry yourself differently. It’s a confidence boost, yes, but it doesn’t stay internal; you translate that to your environment. You’re brightened, so you brighten. It’s a fun cycle.

Red lipstick or not, I hope you take today to smile. Head into the long weekend with a grin and don’t be surprised when people notice. Happy Easter, everyone!

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