Scrolling through my blog this morning, there were a lot of words. So I promptly shot a text to a friend to ask if she’d mind taking pictures, and lots of them. To which she responded with an emphatic yes, but what was this book I was talking about? 

Which is pretty much the best response a girl can ask for. 

So yeah, there’s lots of favorites happening in this post. 

There’s the tie blouse from Loft–when in doubt, channel your inner Blair Waldorf–which I think dresses up the shorts and keds look quite nicely. Then there’s the patterned shorts, no comment necessary. And as for the sweater (throwback warning), my mom bought it for me the afternoon I got my braces off. My first Talbots sweater! I’ve taken such good care of it since its debut at a friend’s Sweet Sixteen. A lot has changed, but that sweater will keep a hanger in my closet. 

On to the book; it’s such fun! It’s by Arlene Francis, who was basically the most enchanting TV personality of the 50s. Enough people complimented her charm that she finally decided to write a book about it. It’s such a light, lovely read and I 400% recommend it. 

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