blush & boots 

It is absolutely gorgeous in Waco today!! Every now and then, Baylor gets a beautiful beautiful day, and everyone is outside. We’re eating on the steps of fountains and outside of schools, waving at college tours (the “hey girl heyyyy, come to Baylor and you’ll be just like me in 3 years” is implied), and everyone just seems so much more happy. There’s a song about somewhere sunny and 75 and, while I’m fairly certain it wasn’t written about the 254, it certainly applies. 

And then there’s me, who somehow still forgets that checking the weather is a thing you’re supposed to do periodically. So I show up for the bus in heeled boots, a sweater and this scarf–a super cute look, if I do say so myself, but not necessarily the most weather-appropriate one.

All this to say, I must really care about my readers/CC because I stuck it out for you guys. So while I may have been smiling for pictures, my makeup may also have been melting off my face, as I tried to find a casual way to ignore all the athletes and frat stars that are definitely judging my pleated skirt as they walk by. 

But, all told, I’m actually really pleased with this day. Not just because the weather was perfect, which it was, or because these shoes always make me feel a bit like Sandy from Grease (don’t ask me why; I don’t even know lol). I’m just really thankful for this blog today. I’m grateful that I have a corner of the Internet, no matter how small, and that people for some reason care about why I’m sitting on the steps of Carroll Science during a passing period. It’s just a really cool thing that I get to do here, and it’s worth any amount of runny mascara for that. 

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