the vernam cipher

white oxford, dark jeans, flatsdark jeans, white oxford, flatsdark jeans, flats, white oxfordwhite oxford, jeans flatswhite oxfords, jeanswhite oxford, dark jeansoxford, dark jeansoxford, jeans, flatsHere’s where I geek out for a second: Have you ever heard of the Vernam cipher? It’s the only known encryption method that is completely and perfectly secure. It was invented by an American (cue national anthem playing dramatically) during World War I and even now, months shy of a century later, it’s the only unbreakable encryption. Long story short, it terribly simplistic, especially relatively, just involving two duplicate copies of a one-time-use-only, randomly generated keys. (For more information, check out this site, but if that’s not your cup of tea, I’ll cut the nerdiness here).

I hope someone else can get excited about that. Because I first heard of it last week, during a quiz I didn’t know I had, and it lowkey made my day. Gilbert Vernam (to be fair, plus or minus a few colleagues) created this encryption in 1917, and here we are, in April of 2016, still unable to come up with something better. For all of our technological advances, for all the companies dedicated to information security, for all the countries whose integrity stands to be damaged, there’s yet to be created a better way.

I guess you really can’t beat a classic.

Lame transition, I know, but here we are anyways. Dark wash jeans, a crisp white oxford, some neutral flats and a pearl. Assuming school uniforms don’t count (they don’t), I got my first Oxford shirt when I was probably 12, and weird though it is to think about it, I’ll be wearing white collars this way when I’m 72. Sometimes, there’s really nothing better than sticking with what you know.

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