Surrogate Schuyler

  Like everyone else in the world, I’m crazy obsessed with Hamilton. I can only dream of seeing it on Broadway, but for now I live off the soundtrack, which is literally constantly on at my apartment. I might have it memorized. Which means my friends might have parts of “Aaron Burr, Sir” and “Satisfied” memorized by default, the result of my constant renditions. I refuse to label this as a problem.

So I’m very, very, very excited to announce the start a series (of sorts, if you missed this first post, you could probably get around CC just fine) based off of one of my favorite numbers from Act I: the Schuyler Sisters. How do I love this song; let me count the ways (I hope someone caught the Browning reference)…First of all, the vocals are literally insane. I’m a sucker for harmonies in any context, but this song is a whole new level. The lyrics are incredible too, obviously: there’s feminism and flirting, cities and classism, socioeconomics and serious amounts of sass and I think it’s impossible to talk about it without completely geeking out??

This series is a line-by-post transfusion of my obsession with fashion and Broadway, with some bits of commentary along the way. It’s looking to be about 13 weeks (whaaat) long, but I should be able to cover a bunch of different topics throughout it’s duration–don’t worry, they won’t all read like this one. Like I said, there’s fashion and feminism to talk about! Some fangirling will probably sneak it’s way in though. I hope y’all enjoy!

Disclaimer/addendum: I OWN NONE OF THESE LYRICS. They’re all from the (copyrighted) work of Lin Manuel-Miranda and the rest of the Hamilton creative team and I in no way intend to take credit for their collective genius!! This series is an attempt to show the way that this musical and these words have influenced my life, and how I see echoes of this story in my life. These lyrics are an inspiration to me, but they’re not mine at all; the only thing I can claim credit for is their interpretation.

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