“I’m about to change your life.”






Angelica Schuyler Church. She’s the self-proclaimed oldest and wittiest out of the trio of sisters, and Hamilton aptly judges her to be insatiable. She has a hunger for life, of being alive more than just living, and protecting those she loves. Her charm and intelligence are veils for her incredible strength of character; she makes the logical/hard choices in her life so that everyone around her can be at the whim of their emotions.

I think collegiate/modern day Angelica is a law student, and she’ll start out in corporate law. She’ll make a name for herself, and enough to ensure the well-being of her family, particularly her sisters, and then she’ll let herself follow her own dreams. She’ll rise even higher, making headlines and history for her involvement in high-profile cases against sexual assault.

She wouldn’t marry, at least not with any urgency. Angelica Schuyler doesn’t need a man in the 21st century the way she did in the 18th. Her career takes her–socially, politically, financially–where a husband would’ve, so she hasn’t a need for one. Should she marry, it will be at long last, in maybe her 50s or so, to the accountant who has quietly managing her stock profile and proving his character for thirty years.

I tried for a while to make an outfit with pants for Angelica, bu it just didn’t work. She’s not a jeans sort of girl, and I don’t think she’d wear trousers just to prove a point. Plus, she doesn’t need pants to prove she’s wearing them.

She was really so before her time. She knows herself, knows her strength and her capability. She knows men are intimidated by her, but that’s their fault, and she won’t apologize for it. She loves her sisters more than anything on the planet, and will do anything for them. She writes her own story. She shapes the people around her; she’s their backbone, their support, their inspiration, and their salvation.  A woman in a man’s world, then and now, and I think she’d be okay with that. Because either way, she’s changing that world.

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