“I’ve never been the type to try and grab the spotlight.”

To me, Eliza is one of the strongest characters in the musical. She’s a quiet sort of strong, the kind of person that supports everyone without needing anything back. She sees the best in people, willfully so I think, and lives in such a way that inspires other people to be who she thinks they are. There’s an innocent softness and sweetness about her, no matter what happens, it’s an innate goodness that bounces back after even the hardest betrayal.

There’s something to be said for that sort of strength. Usually the sweet/kind character is the one that needs protecting, but that’s not always true in life. Callousness does not equate strength, and that’s what I love about Eliza. She never loses her softness, doesn’t let a broken heart alter her.

It’s fitting that Eliza’s costume is blue and white, the colors of peace and purity.

I think there’s beauty in living in a vulnerable way, and opening yourself up to the possibility of getting hurt in ways that you might not if you were a bit tougher. Because that possibility works in reverse too: you just might love deeper and truer, if you keep yourself open to it.

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