going downtown

white stitching, navy dress, brown heelsnavy dress, white stitching, brown heelsnavy dress, brown heels, white stitchingbrown heels, navy dress, white stitchingnavy dress, brown heelswhite stitching, navy dress, curls

Now, granted, Waco’s downtown is really more of an Old Town, but it’s pretty much as close as I could get. I did get to spend the weekend in downtown Denver, and it was a much needed dose of skyline-and-sidewalks for this city girl.

There’s just something about a downtown. The contagious energy, the heightened pace, the schedules colliding, the people rushing, or strolling. Everything seems faster and bigger, and I think the best of it is that you’re a part of it. Some might say they feel anonymous in a big city, but I don’t think that’s an option. Just because you’re not running into acquaintances on every corner doesn’t mean you’re not known. By being in a city, you breathe the same air and dreams of everyone around you. You’re a part of something much bigger than yourself. You’re not so much anonymous as you are integral, in a finite way, which is pretty much the most exciting thing ever. Although, to be fair, I’m also someone that doesn’t mind being a cog in a wheel–just as long as it’s a big and necessary wheel.

Something I’ve been working on, recently, is internalizing things. Not in a bad way, like suppressing emotions or whatnot (if you know me, you know how ironic it is that I have to clarify that; emotions are my comfort zone), but in centering myself, so that what’s external doesn’t matter. I don’t want to be someone who changes with context.

Okay, so Waco doesn’t have a skyline. That doesn’t mean I have to lose the energy and excitement of being in downtown, just because my location changed. I oughtn’t lose my purpose, my part-of-something-bigger mentality, when I’m in a different place. And I think that applies to much more than cityscapes. My joy should be constant, my peace continual, and my gratitude sustained (*cough* 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 *cough*), regardless of situation. I’m all about streets flanked by massive glass-buildings, coffee shops on every corner and streets teeming with people. But every now and then, maybe I should be more about making sure where I’m at internally is just as aesthetic.

{shoes: Old Navy | dress: Amelia’s}

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