students in the commons

denim, white stripes, Old Navy heelsdenim, Old Navy heels, white stripeswhite stripes, heels, denimheels, white stripes, denimwhite stripes, denim, heelsbrown heels, white stripes, denimwhite stripes, Old Navy heels, denimdenim, heels, white stripes

Stripes make just about everything better. Good heels do too.

Like a week with two papers, three group projects, a presentation, two tests, a senior send-off, 12+ hours in an airport,  (but, unfortunately, not a partridge in a pear tree?). It’s been a week, and I think a lot of people have been feeling it.

There are days when dressing the part convinces me that I can play the part, and that’s basically been the summary of my week. There were some fabulous highs and a plethora of wretched lows, but here I am, practically on the flipside. Soon enough, summer will be here, in all her 100-degree glory. This week–whatever stress, anxiety, workload, drama, etc. it held–shall pass.

In the song, students are gathered in the Commons of King’s College (now Columbia, fun fact), just talking. Pontificating, more like. But here, it’s finals season. Which means less sleep, more coffee, and little-to-no pontification. Sic em, Bears.

It’s weird to think, though, that students have been taking tests and exams for centuries. Hamilton might not have studied Information Systems Security, and Washington didn’t lose sleep over a C# project, but they had classes too. It’s kind of crazy to think that they were once where I am. They had unwritten futures, and now that empty canvas is in history books. Who know’s what they’ll be reading in another century? Probably not Collared Cashmere (lol a girl can dream, right?), but you never know.

{ Jeans: Old Navy || Top: || Heels: Old Navy, similar }

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