sneak into the city

glitter top navy monochromej crew navy glitternavy glitter monochrome j crewnavy glitter monochromenavy glitter top monochromenavy j crew glitter monochromenavy monochrome glitter top

I had to do a bit of thinking for this one, because I’ve just done several “in the city” posts, and didn’t want to err on the side of redundancy. I spotted this ivy-clad step on a drive last week, and it clicked that it was just perfect for this outfit. I felt like a New England debutante or something, running down the stairs and away from curfew (and by curfew, I mean studying for finals) and into a night of excitement (and by excitement, I mean the library).

I’ve said before that sequins are the definition of outside my comfort zone, and that’s still very very true. But navy happens to be my default, and so a monochrome outfit helped me get over my aversion. I like to think it worked?

I hope everyone else’s last few weeks of school are coming along well! Or, if you’re out of school, then I hope you’re not gloating too heavily over those of us still in the thick of things. So I know it’s rich, coming from me, but for those of us studying, do try to take care of yourself as the nights get longer and stress levels get higher. You’ve been working hard all semester– which isn’t to say slack off now, but to remember that there’s life beyond this week and next. I’m not saying to sleep 10 hours each night and make sure you’re eating your three daily servings of leafy green vegetables, but do let up on yourself. Maybe trade your macchiato in for a green tea, or forgo that afternoon nap if it means an earlier bedtime. Take your ten-minute study break to walk around campus, instead of scrolling through Insta. You might just find a wall covered with ivy, and an excuse to channel Sarah Vickers.

{Shirt: J. Crew | Heels: Target, similar}

4 thoughts on “sneak into the city

  1. 1. As an honorary New Englander, I can confirm that you are in fact a debutante in this photo.
    2. You are literally a model.
    3.Your last sentence just shamed me to get off pinterest and go to the gym ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1. I think you’ve garnered the title of official New Englander by this point, but either way I’m flattered ❤️
      2. I learned from hours of H2O marathons
      3. The gym might be good for the body, but Pinterest is good for your soul; I trust your discretion lol


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