watch all the guys

rolled jeans, beige menswear oxford, cognac heelscognac heels, rolled jeans, oxfordbeige menswear oxford, cognac heels, rolled jeanscognac heels, beige menswear oxford, rolled jeansoxford, rolled jeans, cognac heelsrolled jeans, cognac heels, beige menswear oxfordcognac heels, oxford, rolled jeanscognac heels, rolled jeans, beige menswear oxfordbeige menswear oxford, rolled jeans, cognac heelsI’ve been so excited for this line of the song, because it’s an excuse for me to talk about menswear.

I remember watching this one episode of Remington Steele (80s TV shows are my kryptonite), where Laura’s apartment gets destroyed and she loses just about everything. The next time you see her, she’s in some of Remington’s clothes—she’s cuffed his jeans, and is in a shirt that’s twice her size, with a blazer that she’s rolled up over her sleeves. She looks absolutely fabulous.

If I had to pinpoint a moment when I decided that one of the most feminine things a woman can do is to wear men’s clothes, that would be it. Because the beauty and grace of her look doesn’t come from the cut of a jacket or a flattering pattern, but from her. It really struck me then, that what you wear isn’t as important as how you wear it.

So now when I go shopping, I’m not just limited to the women’s section. I’m looking for cardigans, jackets, even dress shirts from the men’s section. It’s such a fun and simple way to add dimension to your wardrobe. I always try to add a more feminine touch—like some D’orsay heels with a men’s oxford, like I did here, or a bow with a bomber jacket—just because I’m 6” in heels, so it’s an effort to not give off an Amazonian vibe when in menswear. But them’s the shakes, and some days I just have to embrace that.

What are some of your favorite menswear pieces that you integrate into your closet? Or your tips and tricks for making them feminine?

{ Shirt: Thrifted || Jeans: Old Navy || Heels: Merona }

One thought on “watch all the guys

  1. I LOVE what you said about “its not what she wears but how she wears it” that is so true when it comes to fashion!
    I think the only “men’s wear” type things I have are old high waisted levis’s, oversized plaid shirts, and a pair of brown klunky oxford shoes…..but I love every one of those pieces.

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