coral blouse, black heels, gray pencil skirtgray pencil skirt, coral blouse, black heels,gray pencil skirt, black heels, coral blouse,coral blouse, gray pencil skirt, black heelsgray pencil skirt, heels, coral blouse

Because if you have to dress business professional, it might as well be in coral. I know, I know, this isn’t “business professional” until I throw on a blazer to match the heels–but it’s 90 degrees in Wacotown today; a black blazer was not about to happen.

I bought this skirt after interview season (boooo) so this was actually my first chance to get to wear it. The length is great for me; you know how heels have a habit of shortening a skirt by a few inches? I don’t have to worry about that with this one, because it still grazes my knees in 3-inch heels (#SicEm). And then this blouse…I am not known for the diversity of color in my wardrobe. If I’m not in navy or a neutral (tbh navy is a neutral at this point), someone call the Tribune, because that’s breaking news. There’s really not a top I’d rather make headlines with, though. I love the cut and buttons on this one, and remember how I said it was 90 degrees out? You couldn’t tell I was sweating, so that makes this a definite win.

I’ve had these heels for years, and have actually had them re-heeled three times already, and I’m due for a fourth soon. I should probs invest in a new pair, but I can’t seem to let these go. They’ve seen me through so many interviews, Rush events, and church programs, so I think I’m holding on for the sake of sentimentality. There are worse things a girl could do.

Hope you’re enjoying the first week that actually feels like summer! Here’s hoping it lasts (and that the forecasted thunderstorms don’t come through tonight…).

{Blouse: J. Crew, original, similar | Skirt: Worthington, similar, similar }

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