The Brazos isn’t quite the same as the River Seine, but who really needs an excuse to throw on some stripes (defs not this girl, that’s for sure). The next lines of the song had me thinking of revolutions, which took me from America to France, and then from Picasso to Bardot to Channel, and somewhere in there were Breton stripes.

There’s not much to say about this look–give me some stripes, a patterned scarf, and some high waisted shorts and I’m a happy camper. I wanted to wear this scarf in a way that wasn’t either pirate-y or reminiscent of fall (especially since the heat and humidity in Texas is too real) and I really liked the elegant touch it leant me. This was the last hurrah for these keds though…I guess that means you might actually see some variaty in my shoe game in upcoming posts?

Hope everyone’s week is off to a lovely start!!

{ Shirt: Forever 21, similar || Shorts: Levi || Shoes: Keds (but then I added laces lol) || Scarf: }

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