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It’s after Memorial Day, and we know what that means–it’s officially a-okay to wear white! Not that that really stopped me before, but if it’s an excuse to wear an all-white look, I’ll take it.

I didn’t know that to wear white before Memorial Day was actually passé until I came to the South. In San Diego, if you like it, you wear it, simple as that (unless ‘it’ is an oversized t-shirt and leggings, in which case you’re stepping out in pajamas; learned that lesson the hard way). Plus, if it’s 78 on a beautiful March day, why shouldn’t you wear white? Not so in Texas.

My sophomore year, I remember getting ready for Initiation (we had to wear white dresses), and a friend of mine resignedly shaking her head, saying her grandma wouldn’t approve of her white dress in January. I was so surprised that people actually clung to that rule. I get it, traditions are important and connect us to our past, to our heritage, and they are important, to be sure.

White used to be reserved for summer, and for the sort of people that took summers. We’ll skip the history lesson, but suffice it to say that it’s an exclusive color like that (which, trust me, I can almost get behind). So why the post on it?

Because summer is worth celebrating. White linen on tan skin, bright walls and bright memories, that’s  something you need when it’s thunderstorming, with 95% humidity out. That’s why white was borderline sacrilegious in winter, because that image–of sunshine, brightness, carelessness– is worth protecting. Anything to remind us that the summer we’re daydreaming of is within reach.

{ Blouse: Loft, similar || Skirt: || Shoes: Old Navy }

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