what we’re looking for


Nothing like pulling over to the side of the highway for a photoshoot to make you evaluate your life.

We took these pictures in front of a cocktail bar on the side of Highway 6 (because I liked the look of a scrap metal wall and my friends are entirely too accommodating/nice to me), with cars whizzing by in the background. This metaphor isn’t about to be subtle, or even original, but it’s working for me.

It’s really really easy to just go, and not look to the left of your life’s highway (cue the Rascal Flatts song. We’re a really big generation for destinations–sure we’ll say that the journey is important, and it is, but it’s all about where you’re going and how fast. I’m so guilty of this, of putting blinders on and charging ahead. Who cares what’s happening around me,and I pride myself on being able to go through anything for a set amount of time. But if you don’t stop, if you don’t breathe, you might miss a scrap metal wall and a flower planter of a bathtub.

There’s not a blanket statement for what everyone wants in life, which is honestly as it should be. But love, a steady job that you don’t hate, contentment with yourself, understanding of life beyond the temporal, these are things that I think most of us would ultimately want. The thing about all of these, is that they’re not endgoals. They’re things that happen along the way, regardless of direction or speed. All this to say, take a second to remember that what you’re really really looking for isn’t college, a six-figure salary, or a ring by spring (I’m looking at you, Baylor). They’re things that are definitely good to stop for, but they’re not everything.

{Shirt: Old Navy, similar || Skirt: Gap, similar || Shoes: Old Navy (after-Christmas sale, I can’t find them anywhere!) }

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