mind at work

12345678Sometimes you go into the chicest coffee shop in town, spend 20 minutes on the rooftop porch in the heat, mosquitos, and golden hour lighting, take some 50 pictures of your professional outfit, and end up using exactly none of the shots. Because the 10 you snapped on the street en route to said coffee shop were much much better. Them’s the breaks, I guess!

You know I love a strong set of neutrals like an amazing cup of coffee, so the pairing of the two worked really well for this post. I think the thing I like most about this look is that none of it exactly matches; the skirt is camel, the heels are cognac, the belt is mahogany, the purse is just leather, and the top throws everything for a loop by just being cream. Nothing is the exact same shade, but I like to think that neutrals are kind of like friends: if they’ve the essentials in common, no matter how you throw them together, they’ll complement each other.

Anyways that’s my attempt at philosophy for the evening. Further parallels between good neutrals and good friends:

  • They make you look so much more put together than if you didn’t have them.
  • Invest in a few quality friends/pieces, it’s better to have a few that you know will always work with you and make you feel good, as opposed to something cheap that shows wear.
  • Though the seasons change, they’ll never go out of style.
  •  Both are just really really fabulous to have around.

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