summer in the city


This shoot was one I’ve been excited for since starting the Surrogate Schuyler tag, and it didn’t disappoint. I had an interview up in Dallas so a friend and I took the day to explore the city!!

We started at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District–I had a latte and an avocado+tomato Benedict and was basically in breakfast heaven. We wandered in and out of pie shops and chocolate shops, but curbed our sweet tooth until later. Then we went to Sprinkles; it was actually my first in-store experience (I often say that I was the worst person to live in Southern California, since I loved loved loved San Diego, but never really ventured up to LA, at least not enough to know it well enough.). I’d had Sprinkles cupcakes before, obviously, but hadn’t ever been to an actual shop! It was exactly as expected: saccharine sweetness abounded.

If cupcakes were Caroline’s indulgence, macarons and hydrangeas were mine. We stopped at Apples to Zinnias in Park Cities to pick up a bouquet (after all, if I was going to channel Sarah Vickers, I was going to do it properly), and then we headed over to Lower Greenville to wander through Trader Joe’s, explore the storefronts, and ultimately for for Joy macarons. Then it was off to downtown to take pictures in all our bouquet-ed and striped glory, and an obligatory In-n-Out stop on our way back to Waco. Lots of sugar, lots of singing along to the radio, and a few times getting lost; it was a wonderful day. There really isn’t anything like summer in the city.

{ Sweater: Gap || Shorts: Levi || Flats: my sister’s…I may have stolen them when I came back to school…sorry, M!! }

2 thoughts on “summer in the city

  1. Sounds like such a fun trip! I have yet to visit a sprinkles but have visited the Boston Georgetown Cupcakes location. These pictures are so fun and citified and the flowers were the perfect touch.
    (fun fact…I was just in Dallas this past Saturday for a wedding)

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