someone in a rush

A rush is pretty much exactly how my day went. Ran up to Dallas again, spent two hours learning exactly how much I don’t know about html, squeezed in time for Chick Fil A and then it was back to Waco for a birthday dinner! It was a lot, but I was happy to do it (s/o to Rach for spending her afternoon running around Central Texas with me!!). It was the innaguaral wearing of these pencil pants, which I’m pretty excited about!!

If anyone watches Quantico (side note: if you need a TV show to binge, this is it. It’s on Hulu, I think? I made it through 22 episodes in one weekend so I’m pretty much the ultimate authority on this show), I felt like Shelby Wyatt in these pants. I’d been needing a pair of pencil pants for professional wear and Loft had these and they had pockets so I was sold before I tried it on.

If I’m going to spend 5 hours in a car getting to and from an interview, it’s going to be in pocketed pencil pants.

{ Blouse: || Trousers: Loft || Flats: sister’s }

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