Four things: Get to Know Me Tag

When a blogger–whose style you envy, Insta you obsessively check, and blog you adore– emails you to let you know you’ve been nominated for a “Get to Know Me…Four things” blogger tag, you pop a cappuccino in your Keurig and dust off your keyboard to get a post out the next day. At least, that’s what I did when Madison from Minnie Muse contacted me!

I love posts like these, not just because I get to unabashedly talk about myself, but because of the sense of community. I’m a group of four girls who was nominated, by another blogger of four, and now I’ll in turn nominate another four. The internet/blogosphere is really cool sometimes.

All this to say, keep reading for some facts about me, accompanied by an overuse of ellipsis,colons and parentheticals, and definitely remember to check out all the girls I’ve tagged (plus Madison!) at the end of the post.

4 things
Ah yes, just fiddling with my hands while definitely-not-posing against a brick wall in downtown Waco… as one does. All for the candid shot to be used in a post like this lol.

Four places I have lived:
I grew up in North County San Diego, in a little house on a street appropriately named after seagulls. We were a 5 minute drive from the beach, a fact which I didn’t take advantage of until I decided to attend college in land-locked Waco, Texas. At Baylor, I spent three and a half years living in a Freshman (all-girls, visitation and quiet hours included) dorm. Initially the result of an unintentional potluck rooming situation, the Collins community was one I couldn’t shake, and for the remaining 2.5 years I served as a community leader. I lived on the fifth, second, first and sixth floors, and loved every moment I got to spend with my seventeen coworkers and the 600 girls that made their way through our hall each year. My junior year, my parents moved to Loveland, Colorado and now, for the last 8 months of my senior year, I’ve had an apartment just off of campus–wrapping things up nicely with exactly four places!

Four places I have visited:
I wish this list were longer! The most exotic place I’ve been is Scotland, but since I saw it from a baby stroller, there’s not much I remember. Stateside, noteworthy places would be Hearst Castle (San Simeon, CA), Disneyland (no I have never been to Disneyworld and yes, I will doggedly insist that Disneyland is the better of the two), and Catalina Island.

Four TV shows I watch:
Oh boy, these are all over the board. There’s Quantico—I have entirely too many emotions about the upcoming season!!—which is the only show that’s actively airing. Downton Abbey, of course, for the fashion, accents, and wit. Leverage, which I think is one of the most intelligent, underrated, deep, hilarious, and well-done TV shows of all time (look it up, seriously), and then a slew of random 80s TV shows—MacGyver, Remington Steele, Magnum PI and the like.

Four of my favorite foods:
Any of my friends reading this will come unhinged if I don’t say macarons first. I wish I could continue on the French theme and say exclusively baguettes, but, let’s be honest, I love bread in all of its forms. Pasta too, while I’m at it. I’ll throw avocados into the mix—on the one hand, I’m a good San Diegan who’s obsessed with guacamole and avocado toast, and on the other, it’s a semblance of health food in the midst of this carb fest, which is pretty indicative of the rest of my life.

Four things I like to drink:
Again, I might as well get the obvious answer out of the way: coffee. Iced, hot, frozen…always with cream and sugar though haha. Arnold Palmers are my cold drink of choice, and you can’t beat a cup of Earl Grey Tea in the evening. I can’t think of a fourth, so I’ll tell you what’s pointedly not on the list: water. I wish I were one of those people that could drink it casually, but I’m terrible about it! I know it’s good for me, I’m just not a fan.

Four pet peeves:
Grammar is a big one, which is obnoxious of me to say, but I’m sticking with it.  I’m a huge believer in only breaking the rules if you know how to do it well, so seeing the wrong its/it’s or their/they’re/there just festers. Secondly, when people are rude to someone performing a service for them—if someone is bringing your car around, serving you food or doing your nails, treat them with decency and graciousness; I really don’t like it when people condescend or belittle someone who’s doing them a service. The next (and last, because I don’t want to fall into a complainer’s mindset) is derisive humor. I’m the first person to appreciate a quick and ready wit, but not when it’s at the expense of another person. I find that a lot of people call themselves ‘sarcastic’ or ‘sassy’, but their humor lies in ridicule, and I’m not about it.

Four wacky or odd things about me:
Musicals, definitely musicals—I love them, memorize them, recite them, and recreate them on a moment’s notice. Especially if that notice is the shuffle button and I happen to be DJ-ing a roadtrip. If anyone’s interested, my favorites include Dogfight, Bridges of Madison County, Newsies, Bonnie and Clyde, Hamilton (obvi) and Carousel. My favorite color isn’t a color, but rather the presence of all color, white (I took four years of art so I can pretend to say that with an air of authority. Did it work?). I write in cursive because I have truly terrible print, and I listen to Christmas music at all points of the year…except for Christmas.

And that’s it! I hope y’all enjoyed reading this! It’s quite different from my norm, but I had fun writing it, and I hope you’ll check out the other bloggers I’ve tagged below! Thanks again to Madison for nominating me (also for creating/running a killer blog, having incredible style, and appreciating Captain America as I do). Happy almost-Friday, fam!

Bloggers I nominate: 
Jadie || My Casual Diaries
Bianca || BDarielle
Tristan || Gold Lion Style
Katie || Katie’s Freckles



3 thoughts on “Four things: Get to Know Me Tag

  1. Thanks for being a part of this tag Chrisy! You are the absolute sweetest in your intro:) LOVED reading your answers. I am guessing a community leader is kind of like an RA??? So that’s too cool that we both worked in on campus housing during school. Also…Downton Abbey is the BEST and I do like MacGyver too. Oh, and Newsies is probably one of my favorite Musicals too.
    Loved learning more about you…we actually have a lot in common!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A CL is really similar to an RA; Baylor just did a rebranding in campus living and the theory is that “we’re about more than just enforcing rules; we’re about making community”, hence the name lol. I will never get over Downton Abbey haha I’m so glad we have that (and much much more) in common!! And have you heard that they’re remaking MacGyver?? I saw a trailer for it the other day and didn’t know what to think about it.


  3. You listen to Christmas music all year except, when it’s actually Christmas LOL. I can totally relate to your pet peeves, like EVERY single one. Macaroons are the best..and they are pretty & French, so they win twice. Bread is everything, I always tell people I could survive in France from just bread alone. you were so close to the beach, that’s amazing. Don’t you hate it when you don’t know how cool your backyard was, until you leave? Then you discover how awesome you had it. This was great Chrisy, I loved reading this!

    Liked by 1 person

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