elephants on parade


When a man working at a sandwich shop saw these shorts, he asked where I got them. He wanted to get a pair for his girlfriend; cute, right? Except he continued to elaborate, saying that it was an ‘inside joke’ because she thought her legs looked like elephant legs, so it’d be funny if he gave her shorts with elephants on them. I couldn’t figure out how to graciously say “if you do that, you’re telling her that her legs look like tree trunks”, so instead just asked for a Dr Pepper with my sandwich. Apparently my dad (who I was with) was offended for me as well as the man’s girlfriend, and almost told him off, so thank goodness we both held our tongues!

When my grandma saw these shorts, she said that they were cute. Except that it’s only a good omen if elephants’ trunk is pointing upwards, and since the print is alternating between elephants facing skywards and earthwards, I wouldn’t have good luck. Neither of us believe in luck, per se, but it wasn’t exactly the reaction I was looking for from her, either.

Personally, I like elephants, a lot. They’re steady and consistent, and we’re told they’re capable of experiencing compassion and grief the way few other animals can. They’re symbols of strength and wisdom, and they ‘re highly social/exist willingly as family units. Pretty cool, in my book.

Then again, sometimes a pattern really is just a pattern, and you should embrace it in all it’s navy and white cuteness.

{ Blouse: Old Navy, similar || Shorts: Crown & Ivy, similar || Shoes: Keds }

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