the coffee tree


New city, new coffee posts–you knew it was inevitable.

I actually ended up at Coffee Tree by a happy accident, emphasis on happy. It was exactly what I’d expect to find in a massive coffee shop in historic downtown Loveland. At a table opposite mine, a businessman conducted a video conference call, while sipping hot black coffee. The more open seated area, a high school drama department took up residence, discussing with relish how frustrating freshman are, how difficult it will be to put on their production of Anything Goes by October, and how much they wished their lead actually sounded like Sutton Foster (if only I were exaggerating; this went on for three hours). There was an area near the back of the shop for kids to play, so several mothers dropped their kids off happily, and then enjoyed lattes together.

As for me, I ordered a standard iced coffee. I’m far from a coffee connoisseur–we all know my expertise is directly correlated to my caffeine intake and my judgment of the setting– but it was the best iced coffee I can remember having. So. Good.

I’m taking an online course to brush up on C# before I start work next month, so I settled in for a while. I’m not one of those people that thinks you need to be constantly downing coffee if you’re going to be using a coffee shop’s wifi, but if they’re busy, I do think a little bit of courtesy goes a long way. Coffee Tree was bustling, but never crowded, so I didn’t feel guilty occupying my two-person table. That being said, you can believe I took the excuse of graciousness to buy a second drink; this time a ‘Cat in a Hat’, which I think was a white chocolate raspberry mocha? Not 400% certain on that one, but it was both pretty and delicious. Honestly, though, I was sold on the iced coffee, and when a place can do that, you know it’s a winner.

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