not quite #ots


The cutout details in this blouse are pretty much as close as I get to the off-the-shoulder trend…guess it’s a good thing I’m really not that great at trends in the first place.

It’s not that I’m someone who thinks you should only have classic pieces in your closet, and that a navy and yellow skirt doesn’t fit the bill of ‘must match with everything else’. Granted, I aspire to be that person, but I’m not there yet (not even close). The nice thing about having your own sense of style, and owning up to it, is that you don’t have to follow any sort of constricting rules — if we’re being honest, isn’t that what trends are? An arbitrary rule for how you should live your life for the next three months?

A friend of mine pretty much only wears denim, stripes and olive green; as this goes live I’ll bet she’s in an Austin coffee shop, perfecting her satirical TV shows and compelling documentaries — Oscars 2020, she’s coming for ya (hi Liv, love you). Or I know another girl who loves a good stripe, tailored pastel pant and subtle ballet flat; she consistently looks as though she’s leading the next Ann Taylor campaign (s/o to Michelle’s stylish self for making me excited for sorority meetings). Then you get into the blogger realm and find girls who rock monochromatic looks on the daily, bloggers who look as though they stepped out of a vintage pattern design book, bloggers who are the living definition of Southern Belles, and their Northern couterparts who are killing the prep game.

Each of these ladies has such an incredible sense of style! And that’s not because they happened to guess the trends properly, but because they’re intrisically fabulous women, being genuine with who they are. That’s my favorite thing about fashion, is that it’s a chance to express yourself before you even say a word. For every girl I thought about while writing the above list, there are literally hundreds that flew to my mind who embrace a whole litany of styles, who rock minimalist silhouettes one day and pearls and midi skirts the next. There really isn’t a wrong option, here, as long as you smile when you look in the mirror. Sometimes that’s a matter of you’re ridiculously huge sunnies, and sometimes it’s a wear-maybe-three-times navy and yellow skirt. Either way, the smile is what makes it work.

2 thoughts on “not quite #ots

  1. UGH….love this post so much! First off that skirt is so vibrant and cheerful. Secondly, love the words you wrote….how true they are! I especially love what you said about “being genuine” in what defines our own personal style and smiling because we know who we are!

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