silver grill cafe


I’m really liking this once-a-week food place trend I’m falling into. I feel like it’ll relapse once I go back to Texas (and to a closet that doesn’t fit in the Vera Bradley duffel I’m currently living out of) and start going on outfit shoots again, but for now I’m really okay with food taking over.

Okay so the Silver Grill Cafe is actually the oldest restaurant in Northern Colorado, opening for the first time in 1912. As in, a hundred years before I graduated from high school. What. The original shop had some hiccups but eventually owners purchased the stores to the right and left of the cafe to make room for the crowds of people clamoring for breakfast (I mean, same), expanding from one shop to five, and giving the place a really cool ambiance of passing between buildings.

Full disclosure: from the storefront, I was not expecting the Silver Grill Cafe to be as cute as it was. But how darling is this place?? Exposed brick, light wood paneling, rustic floors…I’m sold. AND the entryway is filled with regulars’ coffee mugs — you buy a mug, they sharpie your name on it, and you get discounted coffee whenever you come in. Again, sold.

One thing Silver Grill Cafe does differently, is they don’t do hashbrowns. To my potato-loving-heart, that’s just short of heresy. So you know their homefries have to be pretty amazing if I’m still doing a post on them lol. The icing on the cake was actually just barely a metaphor: it was the icing on the house-made cinnamon roles that got me. They’re the cafe’s signature dish, and truth be told, we ate ours before I thought to get a photo opp. It was so good. They sell over 10,000 a month, and I totally get it. Add to that the homemade hot chocolates and whipped cream — heaven.

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