Jeans aren’t usually the first thing I reach for, and on the off chance that they are, it’s when I want something to compliment a noteworthy blouse. To go for a denim on denim look is something really new for me. Because it means I have to be the noteworthy one.

Which is lowkey terrifying. But also probably really healthy.

Like a good blogger, I took to Pinterest to try to find someone else’s words for what I couldn’t quite express.

|| Jeans represent democracy in fashion || Denim is a love that never fades || Nothing is more alluring that a woman who looks good in her own jeans || I like the sort of nothingness of the jeans and the tee shirt ||

But what was interesting was the sort of quotes that popped up that didn’t mention denim at all.

|| He offered her the world; she said she had her own || May the bridges I burn light the way || You weren’t just born to pay bills and die || Love me forever or never || Fight like a girl || Beauty begins the minute you decide to be yourself ||

I’ve never been an edgy-chic, model-aspiring, rebel-rocker, catches your eye through smokey haze of a poetry reading kind of girl. I’m not someone who wants to be swept off on a motorcycle or discuss the futility and recklessness of life at 3am. Nor will I ever be. But there’s strength to be had in drawing from other kinds of women, and from their core. Just because something isn’t my comfort zone or my ideal doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty in it, and it definitely doesn’t mean there’s nothing for me there. It means I should listen, and to something other than my own voice. Maybe try the poetry room thing, or the 3am thing. Even the denim thing.

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