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 If someone were to ask me what my favorite food is, off the top of my head, I’m not sure what I’d say–Baguettes? Hash browns? Roasted asparagus? Idk, y’all, I love a lot of food. I can tell you what I wouldn’t say: creole. And yet here I am, writing a post about Lucille’s, a Colorado breakfast palce with as much character and charm as you’d expect of a Creole Cafe in Boulder, Denver and the like. 

Aside: I can get behind a good beignet. I remember setting up a vat of oil in the backyard—my mom was absolutely insistent that nothing be fried in the kitchen—and making beignets with my dad, from the boxed mix from Cafe du Monde. Let me tell ya: having beignets made for you and brought to you is a million times better than hovering over boiling oil and trying to flip the cute little confections without getting burned. I digress. 

All told, this place really won me over. Maybe it was the fact that all the waitstaff looked like they were taking breaks from their actual jobs as professional triathaletes/Lululemon models/foodie bloggers to bring me a chai latte. Maybe it was the fact that they didn’t make their chai latte from a mix, like most other breakfast places in Fort Collins (I love me some Bhakti Chai, don’t get me wrong, but some variance is always nice). Maybe it was the charming yellow of the exterior of the cafe, the quaint decor that you’d expect to find in Lousiana, transplanted into Northern Colorado. Or the food was just really amazing. 

And it was! I already mentioned the beignets, but everything else was amazing too! I’ve never really been a fan of grits, but their’s were well done, and I do have a lot of emotions about potatoes, and theirs were delicious. And who doesn’t love homemade jam (we went for strawberry rhubarb and some sort of pepper?) on biscuits the size of your right hand?? If you’re anywhere in Colorado, you’ve got to give this place a shot, fam. Just don’t wear black—you’ll end up with powdered sugar evidence of the beignets for the rest of the day. That’s not a mistake you make twice. 

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