show me your friends…

those high school besties I talk about below.

I know, I don’t usually post on Sunday (and recently I haven’t been posting much at all), but I want to announce a new series I’m starting! It’s not going to be in place of normal content, but it’ll be integrated into it πŸ™‚

My mom used to tell me “Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are”, which is a kind of emphatic way to say that the people around you reflect some of your primary characteristics. I grew up with the same people, and was very proud to stand in the company of the best friends that I did, when I graduated high school. And then came college, and I got to pick who I hung out with.

It sounds heartless, but pick I did. Freshman year, I had some poor perception—some girls were only interested as long as I was rushing the same sorority as them, some stopped having time once others came along. I got over some pretty far-fetched crushes, and some guy friends who refused to stand next to me if I was wearing heels (i.e. taller than them). And then sophomore year came along, and I realized I shouldn’t have friends out of convenience, or necessity. And I started looking at people’s lives instead of their schedules, and how down they were for getting coffee at any time of the day.

I found friends who were worlds smarter than I would ever be, who took three majors at once, because why would they do the normal thing? Friends who were better leaders than me, who filled their days and schedules with a million ways to help people, and didn’t sleep till everything was in its place. Friends who were kinder than me, who gave people the benefit of the doubt, and forgave quicker than I’d say “bless your heart”. Friends who were better artists, better CLs, better students, better at everything. Friends who love Jesus. And they called me higher.

I became better for them.

Fun though it would be, for me to post about each of them, bragging about their amazing-ness, this is a life and style blog, not facebook (although you should see my personal Insta on their birthdays; I write novels lol), so I shan’t take the time here for that. Instead, I’m going to let them speak for themselves, and you get to learn a bit about their style along the way! I’m starting a category on this blog for this, to get to showcase a different look for the day. Like I’ve said before, Collared Cashmere is all about this idea of being the ‘you’ that influences, rather than is-influenced. These girls’ style might be a little different than mine, but there’s something awesome about that. Strength in diversity, and all that. I hope y’all love this tag at least half as much as I treasure these friends.

4 thoughts on “show me your friends…

  1. OH MY GOSH Chrisy….I am so on board with this idea and can’t wait to see what comes out of it! Also totally loved everything you said about friends…not finding them out of convenience or necessity but looking at their lives, heart, and how authentic they are. So loved everything!

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