i met caroline through my sorority; she was president of our pledge class and i was chaplain, and you can’t really start a friendship off on a better note than that. one of the things that i admire most about her style (and her person, because they really do overlap) is that she takes inspiration from many things, but doesn’t seek to duplicate them. she lets her life be touched by many things—people, 60’s TV shows, KLOVE, etc—and then she turns around and weaves it all into an intricately simple lifestyle. and she rocks her curls better than most, so you know she’s doing more than a few things right. 


In Texas, fall has a habit of coming way late. What are you most excited for about the changing seasons—if and when they do come?
I’m definitely looking forward to the cooler weather and the fall foliage (even though only 2.5 trees will actually turn colors around here).

And what are you least excited to leave behind in the warmer months?
The slower pace, time spent with family and friends, and turquoise nails (I am one to follow seasonal nail polish rules).

What’s your favorite dessert?
This is a loaded question. My sweet tooth is hereditary so I love anything sweet. Choosing one is impossible so I’ll give you a few: Blue Bell ice cream (it’s my personal mission in life to share my love for this with everyone), Sprinkles cupcakes, and the Strawberry Kiss from The Stagecoach Inn in Salado, Tx (baked meringue, Blue Bell, and strawberries).

Describe your style in 3 words?
Modern, vintage, minimalist (I’m all about juxtaposition with any type of design). My mom always had a leaning towards a more tailored/preppy style so I grew up in simpler looks. Mix that with the over the top style of the rest of my family and you get ME- a more modern-tailored look with random sparkly pieces.

Who are some of your fashion inspirations?
Mary Tyler Moore, the classic answer Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Middleton (really I just love how the British pattern mix so well).

For each of the following, pick what you’d do if you could only wear one of these for the next year: (1) color (2) silhouette (3) type of shoe (4) pattern. 

  1. Gray/Silver- it’s probably not the best with my skin tone but it can be easily dressed up or down. It’s my favorite UN-color. Chrisy would probably say turquoise, which I wouldn’t hate either.
  2. I’m very minimalist in most things so nothing too fussy or cinched. I like oversized button downs and shift-style dresses.
  3. LOAFERS! Preferably silver (I just want everything to be sparkly/silver). Again, these can be easily dressed up or down.
  4. I own mostly stripes but there is a special place in my heart for hounds tooth (pants, sweaters, button-ups, you name it)

If first impressions are last impressions, what would you hope people would think of you, from the way you dress?
That I care, am put together but don’t take myself too seriously. I appreciate pieces that complement me and simply enhance my personality rather than making my appearance the focal point.

Any other wisdom for the people? 🙂 
Stay cool, never change, HAGS. But really, be you when it comes to fashion. Find inspiration but don’t copy. Your take on style shares a little bit about you before you even say a word!

And shout out to Chrisy for being the best! The best of friends who encourages my unhealthy obsession for Sonic happy hour, subject to photograph (but really, this girl doesn’t take a bad picture), and future programmer extraordinaire.

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