art lab


This post was originally going to be an ode to the impeccable fashion of Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally (98.99% of why I love that movie is the fashion)(seriously the sweaters are to die for, every single one of them)(that last 1.01% is Billy Crystal’s comedic delivery, it gets me every time)…but then my sister and I stumbled into the art lab on her campus and that was it.

There were some attempts at #aesthetic pictures, some goofy mimic-ing of clay figurines, and some obligatory pondering of existential crises and splatter paint (aren’t they synonymous?). Honestly, this is one of my favorite shoots I’ve done in a while, not because of the outfit—although Talbots does a mean cable knit and you know I’m so here for keds in all seasons—but because of the environment. Cliche as it is, the creative energy in that (kind of sketch) art lab was palpable. Someone had sketched out a heist on a chalkboard, someone had stuffed forty fashion magazines in a corner, someone had gutted and reinvented an oldschool boombox. People lived their stereotype of tortured collegiate artists here, and it was pretty awesome.

In summary: rewatch When Harry Met Sally, and count the number of times you think “I’d wear that”. Also, embrace your inner Pollack this week. Make Picasso proud.

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