atypical winters day, revisited


Back in January, I shot one of my favorite looks on the blog; thinking I was punny, I called it atypical winters day, without realizing it just looked like a typo. But it’s hard to go wrong with stripes and camel and coffee, so I got away with it.

 I don’t remember who it was that said something to the effect of a repeat outfit is a well-deserved encore, but I heartily agree. So, I give to you Mock Two of atypical winter’s day. I traded my keds for black pumps, leggings for black slacks, kept the coat and refilled the coffee—and I love the end result! It’s all the effortless chic of the its predecessor, but work-approved. I slipped this scarf under the lapel of my jacket and I felt like I should be bustling through NYC (New Years Eve reference, anyone? That’s all I remember from that film lol). And I still defy anyone to find a better accessory than coffee.

Sometimes you go back to the drawing board (closet) and comprise a new masterpiece (ootd) on the back of an existing work (no metaphor, it stands to reason). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If you love a piece, or a color combo, or a pattern mix, then embrace it. Wear it and all it’s relatives, make it your signature. Appreciate the cyclical nature of life. Grab a chai tea latte just because; wear dress pants when you know you could get away with leggings. Remember who you were when you last wore these stripes, and think back on that girl in fondness. She did a lot to get you to where you are today. 

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