navy and sequins and midis


My oh my, I don’t even know where to begin with this look. 

Let’s start with the heels—black pumps, a classic. An inch higher than my usual 4, but they add just the right length to the midi skirt. They really are just a simple black heel, and there’s something empowering about that. Heels are always about the woman wearing them, or at least they ought to be, and the simpler the heel, the more room for you to shine. Understated elegance, I think they call it. 

Then this skirt, ruffled and maroon and just the right length. It’s that weird phenomena of frumpy in flats, but just evocative enough with heels. The midi plus heels combo always makes me feel a bit like Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas, which is really all you can ask from the cut of a skirt. The color is dark enough for winter and warm enough for late fall, so perfect for November. 

And then this top, which I’ve worn once before, and I was pretending to be Sara Vickers then as well. The navy color and sequins just offset each other so well, a really lovely juxtaposition of glitz and function. 

I’d planned to shoot this look inside, but then the building we were walking by had this beautiful landacaping, and I do love greenery. It’s just the richness that comes with such deep shades of green, the complexity of nature’s patterns, the contrast of the plants to the stark white wall, and all of that against an outfit that is clearly out of its environment. 

Put it all together, you get a look that’s begging to be twirled in. Sometimes you just have to indulge. 

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